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Friday 16th June

Driving a London Taxi

A small number of fourteen members enjoyed a talk with a slide presentation by one of our members. Mike Lodge about his time driving a London taxi.

He began giving a history of London cabs to present day.

His journey started as he told us the requirements to becoming a public hire taxi driver and explained the lengthy process involved, including being a fit and proper person and learning the detailed knowledge of a six-mile radius of Charing Cross. It took several years before achieving his green badge to become licenced.

A few stories of some of his passengers he carried and places he went where forbidden but his passengers were able including the guardant of Buckingham Palace.

Thank you, Mike, for an excellent talk and taking me back to memories of the time in the seventies when I lived and worked in London.

The evening concluded with coffee and our bring a plate of food and share.

Christine Nunn

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