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Quiz Night


Quiz Friday 22nd April 2022

We were back in the Town Hall for our Quiz Evening hosted for the Twinning Club by Peter Thorpe from The Discovery Centre.

Nine teams of four/three took part. There were seven rounds with the last being a picture round of images of Downham, a high scoring round for all teams. Other rounds included Twinning Facts and Cryptic Undergrounds. I’m no good at cryptic clues but we should have played our joker on this round with nine correct, Bad News for Napoleon defeating us! We did alright with choosing to use our Joker on Twinning Facts with eight answers correct. It would have been nine but I was convinced the sign to Civray was 621 and not 628.

The winners were ‘We haven’t a Clue’ Denise, Jenny, Rita and Linda, with 70.5 points. We scored 61, could have been higher but with several choices chose the wrong one.

Refreshments were served at the interval and the raffle drawn. A monthly draw also took place,

 Thank you to Peter for giving us interesting rounds of questions, an enjoyable evening.

Christine Nunn

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