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Friday 8th March

A Murder Mystery Evening

‘Calling Dr Death’



The Swaffham Players

Thirty members and friends gathered at the St Edmund Church Hall for an entertaining evening of murder mystery. In teams we were given a sheet of paper with the cast and characters, each well named to their profession including

 Drake Livingston, ageing tropical disease expert, Adam Spock, paediatrician and father, many times and Helena Jekyll, sinister secret researcher. In teams we had to decipher from the clues given in the three acts who had committed the murder.

The play was presented as if it was a radio show. The scene various venues within a hospital with conversations between various professionals, each giving good reasons they should be appointed the next clinical manager.

A break after two acts to saviour the splendid selection of food from the bring and share before the final act where following the murder the remaining members gave reasons it was not them. A short time for teams to deliberate who had murdered the victim. It was not easy to decide.

 Each character was eliminated until one remained and identified. From the audience not one team was correct.

An excellent evening was enjoyed. Thank you to The Swaffham Players, Jenny Groom, a Twinning Club Member and member of the Swaffham Players  who arranged for the Players to present the evening, to all who brought food and raffle prizes.

Christine Nunn

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