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Hog Roast


Hog Roast

For many years Richard Ehlers invited the club to his garden for the annual event but following the sad passing of Richard earlier this year, a new venue for our annual event had to be found. Chas Tagg came forward and offered hosting the Twinning Club in his garden in Downham. Thank you very much Chas.

The weather had been mixed in the preceding two weeks but Sunday it was beautiful, sunny and hot. Several gazebos were erected for some shade.

Thank you Chas and Pat for your work preparing your garden to welcome  forty-six members and friends to enjoy the afternoon socialising, relaxing in the tranquil setting. The hog roast and salads were followed by a choice of desserts. Thank you to John and Maureen for all your work and to those who had prepared desserts.

A raffle was held. Thanks to all who gave raffle prizes.

The event was a great success. Can we come again next year please Chas?

Chris Nunn

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