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Chris & Steve in France.

We had received an invitation from Claude and Marinette Faxoux to go and stay with them for a few days at their house in Anche, a bit south of Poitiers. They have been members of the French Twinning club for many years and have occasionally stayed with us. We departed on Sunday 16th July, but the experience at Stansted was appalling. Our flight, supposed to leave at 13.30, was delayed to 14.30, and then 16.30, and then back to 14.30. The flight left just after 15.30!

We were collected at Poitiers and had dinner and retired. Monday was a quiet day, a coffee at a bar in Vivonne being the highlight. On Tuesday we visited the market in Civray, where we came across quite a few members of the French Twinning Club, including Marie Claude and Jacky Migeon, and then visited our regular hosts, Francis and Roselynne Roquet, for lunch. A lot of discussion took place about the French future of Twinning, there is apparently a gentleman, due to retire this year who may take on the running of their club, we shall have to see!

On Wednesday we went to a barbeque at one of Claude’s neighbours, the food and wine was excellent, there were only nine of us, plus the dog, but it was an excellent affair. On Thursday we went to Montmorillon, we explored the town and then had lunch in a restaurant, following a discussion with Claude we actually managed to pay for the meal. In the afternoon we visited the Musee de Macaron where we discovered how the local delicacies were produced.

Friday was our departing day, we still had time for lunch in a restaurant in Vivonne, and were then dropped at the airport. An excellent few days away with very good friends.  

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